Why Luminati (BrightData) residential ip is so easy to use

How did Luminati obtain these real-life dynamic residential IPs?  

Luminati has an SDK (software development kit), which is loaded into different applications. Luminati's SDK provides users with an attractive alternative to avoid advertisements — that is, provide APP users with the option to join the Luminati network. For each user who chooses to join the Luminati network, Luminati pays the application provider a monthly fee in exchange for the user not to see advertisements when using the APP. Luminati's SDK realizes monetization for application owners, while also providing users with a better experience.

This also explains why luminati BrightData is used to monitor so strict now, certification dynamic residence requires KYC can be used only after strict review, because we want to protect the data of these customers who provide residential ip from being used illegally.

luminati BrightData residential IP proxy Main purpose:

Advertising verification: Verify the compliance of advertisements and affiliate marketing links to prevent malware.

Price comparison: Aggregate and compare accurate pricing data for retail, tourism and e-commerce through IP addresses in different regions to ensure a competitive advantage.

Market Research: Analyze global business and market environment information.

Data extraction: Use more than 72 million switched IPs around the world to collect accurate data, which will no longer be blocked or misled.

Brand protection: Ensure the correct use of copyrighted content, protect the brand and all online assets.

Account management: Manage accounts on social media such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, eBay, etc., without worrying about being blocked or disabled.

Welcome to use luminati BrightData, if you have any questions, please consult luminati Chinese customer service: WeChat luminatichina

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