Best Proxy Provider 2021

It is not easy to make the best choice among many proxy providers. Here, we will show you the best proxy provider through real experience and let you make your choice easily.

Best Proxy Provider 2021
show the best proxy provider through real experience

Ranking: Best Proxy Service Provider

  • BrightData -The World’s Best Proxy < ranked number one in data capture >
  • SmartProxy -The Fastest Residential Proxy <best price/performance ratio>
  • Soax -Best Mobile Proxy <more suitable for automation>
  • MyPrivateProxy -The Best Private Proxy <high-speed exclusive IP>
  • StormProxies -Quickly Rotating Proxy <reasonable price>
  • TheSocialProxy – The Best 4G Proxy <for social account management>
  • Blazingproxies -High-Speed Sports Shoes gaentProxy <suitable for major sports shoe websites>
  • InstantProxies -The Best Sharing Proxy <suitable for search seo>
  • Proxycheap -Residential Proxy With The Lowest Price <suitable for data crawler business>
  • ProxyRack -The Best Proxy That Supports API <SOCKS5 proxy>
  • GeoSurf -The Most Stable Proxy <suitable for social account management>

The wrong buying proxy brings irreparable losses to the business? The project was forced to stop, wasting a lot of time, and the loss could not be estimated. Perhaps the analysis of the characteristics of various proxies here can help you avoid these troubles.

Proxy provider
Many Proxy providers gain popularity through marketing, rather than occupying the market by improving proxy services. Through the research of various proxy providers, we carefully analyze their services from static residences, dynamic residences, mobile and data centers and give objective evaluations, hoping to help you obtain the best proxy.

Here many factors were considered, including access speed, security, uptime and customer support. In the end, there are 10 proxy service providers worth recommending.

A detailed list of the best proxy providers

Luminati Proxy-the best proxy overall

 Bright Data (Luminati)-the best comprehensive supplier

  • Professional data capture support

Luminati Proxy Networks changed its name to Bright Data,
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In the proxy market, Luminati proxy services are the king. A series of tasks have been tested, which can clearly tell you that they are the best proxy provider on the market. Bright Data (Luminati) provides datacenter IPs, static residentail IPs, dynamic residentail IPs and mobile IPs. Their datacenter proxies are cheap and popular, and their residential proxies are widely known for their purity and speed. Their proxies are safe and fast, and cooperate with many well-known network services. If you are looking for web crawlers proxy, then the proxy Brightdata is the first choice .

Advantages of Bright Data (Luminati):

  • More than 72 million IPs
  • Excellent positioning support
  • 7-day free trial
  • Flexible customized service
  • Compatible with many network services
  • 100% Uptime
  • Support API, manager and Chrome extension

Disadvantages of Bright Data (Luminati):

  • Price is a bit expensive
  • Email is not supported
  • Complex operation
  • Billing according to traffic

  • Excellent positioning support

Luminati has proxies in all countries/regions in the world, making Luminati has the best geographic positioning support, allowing users to customize proxies for specific countries, states and cities.

  • The world’s largest proxy network

Luminati has a residential proxy pool of more than 75 million IP addresses: no other proxy provider on the market has such a large proxy pool.

  • Perfect session control

Luminati dynamic residential proxy is a rotating proxy: the IP address is changed after each request.


Smartproxy -fast residential proxy

  • Great value for money

Smartproxy is the world’s best residential proxy provider. Smartproxy proxy service has flexible pricing, which is suitable for individuals as well as large companies. They will quickly help you create an account and integrate the proxy into your service.

Advantages of Smartproxy:

  • Senior Residential Proxy
  • More than 40 million IP
  • Flexible pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect customer support

Disadvantages of Smartproxy:

  • Pay by data
  • Only supports 8 cities
  • No free trial

  • Flexible pricing

The micro plan of Smartproxy only costs $75 and offers a variety of packages.

  • Proxy address generator

Smartproxy supports proxy address to generate proxy list. You can dynamically generate a proxy list.

  • Excellent positioning support

Another feature of Smartproxy services is that they have proxies in 195 countries/regions and more than 40 million residential IPs.

Soax -Best Mobile Proxy

  • Instagram’s automated pure IP pool

Support city and ISP level geolocation,
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Soax provides residential and mobile proxies. Their mobile proxies is their product that really stands out. It is one of the cleanest proxies pools. The IP pool is always under monitoring, and unusable IPs will be deleted at any time to ensure customer use. The flexible payment plan provided by Soax is very popular.

Advantages of Soax:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Support about 120 countries
  • Lots of IP
  • Connection speed

Disadvantages of Soax:

  • The free trial is limited to one hour
  • Expensive
  • High latency

  • Large mobile proxy pool

Soax has the largest mobile proxy pool on the market. More than 3.5 million mobile IPs. Most mobile proxy providers have relatively few IPs.

  • Flexible pricing

Soax supports daily, weekly and monthly package plans. Their monthly plans are more expensive than the monthly plans of other providers.

  • Best for Instagram automation

Instagram automation is the hardest to hack, and it is very efficient in detecting proxies. They cannot be detected using Soax’s mobile proxy. Except IG, Soax mobile proxy is 100% compatible with all popular SEO tools on the market .

Shifter -the best reverse connection proxy

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Many residential proxy services on the market will be priced based on bandwidth usage. If you are looking for a residential proxy service with unlimited bandwidth, then Shifter reverse connection proxy is your best choice
. Just like the other residential proxies discussed above, the Shifter proxy is a rotating proxy. Shifter’s IP rotation is time-based, and the IP address assigned to each port changes every 5 minutes. It is worth mentioning that they have one of the largest proxy pools in the market. They currently have more than 31 million IP addresses.

Advantages of the shifter:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Location support
  • Support many business proxy use cases
  • Reasonable pricing

Disadvantages of the shifter:

  • Slower
  • Restrict access to websites, including Amazon
  • Customer support is slow

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage

If your business needs to consume a lot of bandwidth, then Shifter can help you save a lot of money.

  • Numerous business proxy use cases

You can use Shifter proxies for price comparison, advertising verification, search engine optimization, sales intelligence, network testing, brand protection, online shopping, etc. By default, Shifter prevents users from using Amazon and some other network services. You need to contact them and agree to abide by their agreement before you can continue to use them.

  • Large proxy pool

Shifter owns more than 30 million residential IPs.

 MyPrivateProxy -the best private proxy

  • Fast dedicated IP

When it comes to datacenter proxy services, MyPrivateProxy is the best provider of their private proxies on the market is considered to be the fastest dedicated IP Proxy. It is also one of the easiest proxy services on the market.

Advantages of MyPrivateProxy:

  • Fast dedicated IP
  • It is used for various private proxy packages such as sports shoes copying and ticket reselling.
  • Support multiple locations
  • Responsive customer support
  • Support username/password authentication and IP whitelist

Disadvantages of MyPrivateProxy:

  • Data center prices are not cheap
  • Socks proxy is not supported
  • Free trial is not supported

  • Provide professional proxy

Data center proxies are easily detected by most web services. MyPrivateProxy provides special proxies for some special use cases, including sports shoe websites and ticketing.

  • Green server

The MyPrivateProxy server is powered by wind energy, which is considered green.

  • Support multiple locations

In most cases, datacenter proxy providers need to have a computer room in a location they support. Therefore, most private proxy providers only support a few locations. MyPrivateProxy is one of the few providers that supports a large number of locations.

 Stormproxies -efficient rotating proxies

  • reasonable price

Advantages of Stormproxy:

  • cheap price
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Widely applicable
  • Easy to use
  • Provide different packages for special use cases

Disadvantages of Stormproxy:

  • Does not support username/password authentication
  • Small IP pool
  • Limited targeting options
  • Socks proxy is not supported

  • Economical

Stormproxy is very cheap. You can purchase 5 ports for unlimited bandwidth usage for $50. They are more suitable for individual users.

  • Various proxy packages

Stormproxies supports a large number of proxy packages dedicated to special use cases, such as sneaker proxies for copying limited edition sneakers, social media proxies for social media automation, and proxies for SEO tools.

  • Easy to use

Stormproxies does not require user name and password authentication. Just whitelist your IP address and you are good to go.

TheSocialProxy – the best 4G proxy on the market

  • For social account management

TheSocialProxy is the best in 4G proxy. Most providers use P2P networks to obtain IPs, but TheSocialProxy uses 4G modems under its control to provide you with IPs, which is specifically designed for Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Advantages of TheSocialProxy:

  • IP from own device
  • Super fast
  • Simple pricing model
  • Good customer support
  • Designed for social media management services

Disadvantages of TheSocialProxy:

  • Only supports 3 countries/regions
  • Only supports username and password authentication

  • Source of IP owned

TheSocialProxy uses its own modem, which enables it to control the availability and performance of the ip.

  • Tailored for social media platforms

Social media platform detection proxies are very efficient, and Instagram can effectively detect most proxies in the market. And TheSocialProxy specializes in providing a proxy that evades Instagram detection. It also applies to other social media platforms.

  • Pricing model

One port can use any number of IPs while enjoying unlimited bandwidth usage. The best choice for tasks that consume a lot of bandwidth.


BlazingProxy– the best 4G proxy on the market

  • For social account management

The datacenter proxy provided by BlazingProxy is one of the best datacenter proxies on the market. Blazing proxy has unlimited bandwidth and concurrent thread support and is reasonably priced.

Advantages of Blazing proxy:

  • Reasonable price
  • Support 13 countries
  • Compatible with SEO and sneaker copping
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 2-day free trial

Disadvantages of Blazing proxy:

  • Customer support is slow
  • Poor performance

  • Sneakers and SEO support

Blazing is specially developed for SEO monitoring and sports shoe detection. The sites supported by their proxies include Footsites and Shopify sites.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Blazing proxies proxy users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and concurrency.

  • Support multiple countries

The Blazing proxy supports approximately 13 locations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and 10 other countries/regions.

InstantProxies -shared proxies

  • Good for search engine optimization

Instantproxies has proxies from all over the world. Customers enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Their proxies are highly anonymous.

Advantages of InstantProxies:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Customer support is fast
  • prices at a good value
  • 7 days refund policy
  • Fast connection

Disadvantages of InstantProxies:

  • Socks proxy is not supported
  • Only supports IP authentication

  • cheap price

In terms of pricing, you can buy 10 proxies for just $10.

  • SEO optimization

Many data center proxy IPs have been marked, and a large number of web services will block them. One of the areas Instantproxies excels at is search engine optimization. You can conduct SEO research on search engines unimpeded.

  • Easy to use

Instantproxies is simple to use and only suitable for authentication via IP whitelist.

Proxy-cheap – cheap residential proxy

  • Facilitate data collection

Most residential proxy providers require a minimum consumption. Proxy-cheap does not have a minimum consumption limit. You can purchase a plan of only 1GB, which is one of the cheapest options on the market. They have proxies in approximately 127 countries/regions and support country/region-level positioning. They have 7 million residential IP pools, including rotating IP and session IP.

Advantages of Proxy-cheap:

  • 7 million IP addresses
  • Good location support
  • cheap price
  • No minimum consumption requirement
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages of Proxy-cheap :

  • No free trial
  • Single payment method

  • Considerable IP pool

Proxy-cheap is very cheap, but the IP pool is huge. They have more than 7 million residential IP addresses.

  • Proxy generator support

Proxy-cheap provides a proxy generator to dynamically generate a proxy list. In some cases, the user needs to use the proxy list of IP:PORT, and the proxy generator is needed. Not many proxy providers support this feature.

  • Suitable for many use cases

Common use cases for Proxy-cheap include market research, brand protection, SEO utilities, advertising verification, price monitoring, sneaker copying, and web scraping.

Proxyrack – proxy for API requests

  • Support SOCKS proxy

There are more than 5 million residential IPs in the Proxyrack pool. But their API support is currently the best, which is more suitable for customers with programming experience.

Advantages of Proxyrack:

  • Prices at a good value
  • Allow multiple accounts
  • Support HTTP(s) and SOCKS proxy

Disadvantages of Proxyrack:

  • Slow

  • Excellent IP whitelist support

Many proxy providers do not allow multiple users to share accounts. Proxyrack supports up to 4 users to share.

  • Good location support

Proxyrack can provide support to more than 140 countries around the world, with more than 5 million IP addresses.

Geosurf -stable proxy network

  • Account management

Geosurf is another premium proxy provider on the list. It is one of the highly stable providers you can call because you can keep the session for a long time before it is forced to end by IP rotation. Just as their proxies are high-quality and high-quality, their pricing is only applicable to those who can pay. In terms of pricing, Geosurf can be said to be in the same alliance as Luminati, because you need $450 to start using their proxy. Although this is not a lot of money for many marketers, it may dig a hole in the pockets of small marketers. If you can afford this price, Geosurf is actually worth it.

Advantages of Geosurf:

  • Good location support
  • Big IP size
  • Fast and compatible with many network services
  • The proxy is high quality

Disadvantages of Geosurf:

  • Expensive pricing
  • No free trial
  • Email support is slow
  • Limited geolocation options

  • Good session control

Geosurf supports two types of IP rotation-time-based IP rotation and session-based IP rotation. Session-based IP rotation changes the IP address after each request, while time-based IP address changes the IP after a certain period of time.

  • Good location support

geosurf supports about 130 countries/regions and has supported more than 2000 cities.

  • Dedicated account manager

Geosurf assigns dedicated account managers to its clients, making it easier to get help when they need it.

Comparison of the specifications of the best proxies in 2021

Proxy Service IP type Monthly plan price Proxy Agreement IP pool size
Luminati Residential 40GB starts at $500 HTTP(S) + Socks5 72+ million
Smart Proxy Residential Starting at $75 for 5GB HTTP(S) 40+ million
Gear lever Residential Starting at $249 for 10 ports HTTP(S) + Socks5 31+ million
Socks Mobile Starting at $175 for 5GB HTTP(S) + Socks5 8.5+ million
MyPrivateProxy data center Starting at $2.49 per proxy HTTP(S) not applicable
Storm Proxy Residential Starting at $50 for 5 ports HTTP(S) 40K
Social proxy Mobile From 90 euros per proxy HTTP(S) 2.5+ million
Blazing Proxy data center Starting at $1.20 per proxy HTTP(S) + Socks5 not applicable
Proxy cheap Residential Starting at $5 for 1GB HTTP(S) 6+ million
Proxyrack Residential 250 proxies from $120 HTTP(S) + Socks5 2+ million
GeoSurf Residential 38GB from 450 USD HTTP(S) 2.5+ million

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