Brightdata Proxy

Mini Plan $300

Access Limit:  No

Support API:  Yes

Authorization Method IP, Username/Password

Bandwidth: Optional

Dashboard:  Yes

High Anonymous:  Yes

Support Payment: Alipay,Credit Card,Paypal

Proxy Speed: Optional

Free Trail: 7-day Free Trial

Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati)covers 233 countries and about 27000 cities around the world, with up to 72 million real residential IPs

Brightdata (formerly known as Luminati) is a legal residential IP proxy provider. The IPs in its residential network exceeds 40 million. Collecting and capturing any web data will never be blocked.

TOP1 among all residential agent providers

  • The world’s largest residential IP proxy network
  • Geo IP is located in almost all countries, cities, ASNs and operators
  • Brightdata (formerly known as Luminati) proxy manager has powerful crawling capabilities
  • Unlimited connectivity and 24 / 7 professional support

Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati) is The best residential proxy provider ,It mainly provides residential proxy network, with tens of millions of residential IPs。Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati)provides datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and mobile proxies7-day Free Trial to test and try out their proxy speed。 There are no restrictions on their residential proxy network. The website will never detect that you are using a proxy agent. You have more than 45 million residential IPS. Data center IP is static. Compared with dynamic residential IPs, it is easier to detect, but cheaper.

Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati)Residential Proxy Network

How would you like to use luminati Residential Proxy Networks Brightdata (formerly known as luminati) proxy network has a wide geographical distribution, so they can be used in almost all countries and cities. Brightdata (formerly known as Luminati) works faster than other proxy solutions because they are provided with the load balancing server whenever a request is made.

How does the Brightdata(formerly known as luminati) residential IP proxy work?

The rotation manager built in the residential agent network allows you to customize its IP rotation. The API provided by Brightdata (formerly known as Luminati) can be used by many programming languages

Where does residential IP come from?

The answer comes from their sister service called Hola. Hola is one of the most popular free residential VPN services. Like tor, Hola can transport traffic by acting as a proxy node for brightdata (formerly known as luminati) users. Hola has the largest number of residential IP, about millions, more than other proxy networks. These are real residential IPs. Accessing any site will not be cheated or blocked. Hola provides millions of nodes around the world. According to the review of brightdata (formerly known as luminati) agents, the failure rate of Hola is much lower than that of other proxies, because the residential IPs used by Hola is completely an unrecognizable private network, while the IPs used by other proxies are easy to identify and return misleading data or information.

Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati) IP Price Plan

Residential IPs price plan

How to Use Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati) IP Proxy

You can easily configure residential IP agents in powerful customer areas,and you can also use the API,Luminati Proxy Manager Set up your Residential Proxy networks  

luminati api

Data Center Proxy IP

Brightdata(formerly known as Luminati) provides not only residential IP proxy, but also data center IP proxy

Mobile Proxies

These mobile IPs are also residential IPs, but IPs are routed from 3G / 4G connection, unlike cable and WiFi connection, so mobile IPs should be more expensive. Many advertisers or geo application developers widely use mobile IP to correctly verify the correct display of their advertisements or apps according to different locations based on IP addresses.

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