1 ip – $0.5


Access Limit:  No

Support API:  No

Authorization Method IP, Username/Password

Bandwidth: Optional

Dashboard:  Yes

High Anonymous:  Yes

Support Payment: BTC,Credit Card,Paypal

Proxy Speed: Optional

Free Trail: Yes

GeoSurf residential IP covers more than 192 countries and connects important cities around the world.

GeoSurf is an excellent residential proxy network provider:

GeoSurf is a proxy provider that mainly provides residential IP addresses. GeoSurf is a good choice for data collection, web crawling, advertising validation and sneaker / shoe robots.

GeoSurf provides users with tools to view geolocation content. It provides access to browse and view local content from any country. GeoSurf provides these services through VPN client, residential IP API, direct connect API, browser toolbar and smartphone connection. GeoSurf static gateway is available in about 120 countries and 30 DMA. They use the HTTP (s) protocol, but not the socks protocol.

GeoSurf residential IP can be used in more than 192 countries. It also provides a toolbar browser extension that enables you to view web content in all locations around the world. This is especially useful for people who use proxies for advertising validation and the like. The GeoSurf toolbar works on Internet Explorer, chrome and Firefox or Firefox on Mac.

GeoSurf Proxy Network

GeoSurf service is provided through 3 networks:

  1. GeoSurf residential IPS network provides about 2 million residential connections in each country and city around the world.
  2. GeoSurf’s Premium Static network is a proxy network with servers in more than 120 locations. It also has more than 30 DMA or designated market areas.
  3. GeoSurf static network is a proxy network with more than 10000 IPS. It provides easy access to any content and is a very effective proxy server.

Geographical Position

You can select proxies from different countries through different ports. Available proxies  are us residential IP address, UK residential IP address, German residential IP address, Brazilian residential IP address, Japanese residential IP address, Indian Residential IP address, and French residential IP address. They have a large number of available locations on almost every continent, so they can provide you with proxies wherever you need . On their website, you can browse all their proxy locations and view the IP addresses they provide in each country. If location is a top priority for you, then this is your best choice.

GeoSurf provides three kinds of use proxies:

You can get more options through the API or toolbar.

Price Plan

The following is the price plan for GeoSurf residential IP:

As you can see, their prices are quite high compared with other competitive proxies. However, they provide high-quality service, which is difficult to beat.

They not only provide more than 130 locations around the world, but also have a strong customer support team, programmer friendly APIs, and the number of connections, threads and locations per plan is unlimited!

They can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Therefore, if you feel you need a more advanced plan, or if you use a plan that exceeds your current needs, you can switch to another plan without any additional charge.

They also allow you to cancel your purchase at any time and will immediately cancel any future payments. They accept most major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

GeoSurf  Key Feature

Unlimited IP

It provides users with unlimited IP so that they will not be blocked when searching for local content in any country. Each request gets a new IP.


GeoSurf provides users with secure private services. Since all servers are owned, it is easy to host them in all the most advanced datacenters around the world. This helps provide security when users browse a variety of content. As an additional security measure, the GeoSurf proxy provider signed a legal guarantee to ensure the privacy of its users.

Sticky IP

Sticky IP helps maintain session duration and supports predefined times.Sticky IP can help users use the same IP within a 10 minute time limit to support session persistence.

Dedicated sticky residential IP provides gateways to the United States, Britain, France, Thailand, India and other countries. For more details about the available countries, you can log in to the dashboard.

Proxy of Shoe Robot

GeoSurf residential proxy is applicable to aiobot, anb, BNB, su#percopbot, nikelayer, SuperBot, etc.

Customer Support

GeoSurf has a perfect customer support system, which can be accessed by anyone, any customer or anyone who is only interested in their products. Their “contact us” also lists the address and telephone number, so it is very convenient to contact them.

For those who have purchased the proxy program through, they provide “advanced support”. This means having dedicated customer support experts to address any needs or problems you may encounter at any point in time.

You can contact the customer support experts via Skype, email or regular phone. I think this is great because it separates requests from paying and non paying customers. You don’t have to wait for the representative to process the request of each user on the site, but give priority to paying customers.

They also provide a FAQ on the website, covering almost any problem you may encounter.

GeoSurf provides a perfect solution for all types of data collection. Working on the same P2P network as luminati, it provides more than 2 million unimpeded IPS. Users can send parallel unlimited requests. Each request comes with a new IP, while the sticky IP can be retained for 1 to 10 minutes.

GeoSurf Highlights

GeoSurf provides unlimited and clean residential IP. 

The service provided is fast and safe. 

Each request is a new IP to ensure user identity security. 

Sticky IP changes every 1 or 10 minutes.

The API is coding friendly and available. 

The toolbar is very user-friendly and can be easily changed by clicking.

Users can easily monitor account statistics and easily optimize the data collection process.


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