How To Select The Best Proxy Server

Want to send thousands of requests to the website without being blocked? This can be achieved through a residential proxy. The residential proxy sends a request to the web by covering the real IP of the proxy user through the residential IP provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Because your request sending by an residential IP , so the sites considered it was a legitimate request, so the request was not suspected by proxy issued. There are many residential proxy providers in the proxy market, and it is difficult to buy an ideal proxy without a preliminary investigation. You will pay for a residential proxy provider that does not meet your requirements, or the purchase price is more expensive. This artcle will tell you how to select the ideal proxy easily.

Overview of the best residential IP proxy providers

  • Bright data : more than 72 million IP&& micro plan $100&& 7*24 support
  • SmartProxy : more than 40 million IP&& micro plan $75 
  • Netnut : More than 10 million IP&& micro plan $200 
  • YourPrivateProxy : Static residential IP proxy&& 10 proxies cost $75 
  • Oxylabs : more than 6 million IP&&$ 5 US per GB

Bright Data (previously called Luminati)

Possess the largest IP pool and the most advanced residential proxy services

  • Proxy type : static residential IP, dynamic residential IP, mobile 4G IP and datacenter IP
  • Proxy network pool : more than 72 million IP
  • How to authenticate : username + password/ whitelist
  • Geolocation : ASN/Cites/Country (Global)
  • Proxy protocol: HTTP(S)+socks5

Bright Data-Luminati Network
BrightData(Luminati) is the best proxy service provider on the market,Luminati has the largest IP pool, which can help you avoid IP blocking and verification codes when obtaining data from the Internet. In addition to web crawling, BrightData proxies can also be used  to verify ads,price comparisons and brand monitoring and
search engine optimization, social media automation, sneakers website and other services. Luminati has more than 72 million real residential IPs distributed in more than 250 countries and cities around the world. Due to the legitimacy of Luminati’s IPs, BrightData(Luminati) is welcomed by many companies including Fortune 500 companies. Unlike other residential proxy providers, Luminati and the IP address owner have reached an agreement : Before users can use Hola VPN for free they must agree to share their IP address. Luminati prices are not the cheapest in the market,  the more you use, the cheaper it is. If you are a company, you can apply for a 7-day free trial, while individuals need to pay $1 for the trial.
luminati residential IP proxy network
BrightData(Luminati) is a bit complicated to use, but they have a very detailed FAQ page and tutorial videos. Each customer also has a dedicated account manager who can contact us for help through WeChat, QQ, skype, email, etc.

The advantages of BrightData(Luminati):

  • Fastest
  • 72 million IPs
  • Cover all countries and cities
  • Safe and reliable
  • Legal (used by Fortune 500 companies)
  • Technical support is very comprehensive

The advantages of BrightData(Luminati):

  • Price is more expensive
  • Email access is not supported
  • Traffic billing by bandwidth


Geolocation, unlimited bandwidth and ease of use

  • Proxy type : dynamic residential IP
  • Proxy network pool : 40 million IP
  • How to authenticate : username+password /IP whitelist
  • Geographical Positioning : Cites/Countries(Global)
  • Proxy protocol : HTTP(S)

Bright Data-Luminati Network

Smartproxy is one of the largest residential proxy providers in the market.  They have a network of more than 10 million residential IPs in 195 locations around the world. Only 8 cities that can be customized.Weiye Special Housing Agency Pricing
Their IP rotation technology and IP address pool prevent any suspicion that may lead to IP address blocking or solve captcha requests. They are safe and reliable, and the normal running time is about 99%. The minimum price plan is $75 for 5GB.

Advantages of Smartproxy :

  • Perfect customer support
  • The cheapest residential proxy
  • Large IP pool

Disadvantages of Smartproxy :

  • No free trial
  • Only 8 cities are available


Static residential IP & fast residential proxy

  • Proxy type: Rotating residential IP (obtained directly from ISP)
  • Proxy network pool: 10 million IP
  • How to verify: username +password / IP authentication
  • Geolocation: City/Country (Global)
  • Proxy protocol: HTTP(S)

Bright Data-Luminati Network

NetNut does not completely rely on peer-to-peer networks. It obtains its IP address directly from the ISP, and then uses an additional P2P proxy network to improve scalability. Netnut’s proxy pool contains more than 10 million residential IPs. These IPs come from many countries and cities around the world. Because they have proxies from different countries around the world, they can support geographic positioning and select proxies from certain countries and cities. In terms of speed, Netnut proxy is perfect. You can try it for free for 7 days. They have very good customer support and dedicated account managers.
Netnut pricing

Advantages of Netnut:

  • Very fast
  • Safe
  • Free trial available
  • Good customer support
  • Directly connect to ISP 

Disadvantages of Netnut:

  • Socks proxy is not supported
  • No live chat support


Residential IP Dedicated Proxy

  • Proxy type : static residential IP
  • How to authenticate : user password / IP authentication
  • Geolocation : Citation
  • Proxy protocol : HTTP(S)
YourPrivateProxy is one of the top residential proxy providers on the market. With PrivateProxy, you can surf the Internet anonymously, perform tasks such as managing social accounts, bypassing sneaker websites, and more. Their static residential IP proxies come from two US cities, Ashburn, Virginia and Chicago. In terms of speed, they are also very fast and reliable.
YPP static residential agency pricing
You can choose the price freely. However, their refund policy only allows refunds based on technology.

Advantages of YourPrivateProxy :

  • Very good pricing
  • Ability to choose a location
  • Fast internet
  • Free trial

Disadvantages of YourPrivateProxy :

  • Delay
  • The refund policy is only technically based


Web crawler optimization

  • Proxy type : Rotating residential IP
  • Proxy network pool : 30 million IPs in the pool
  • How to authenticate : user password /IP authentication
  • Geolocation : City/Country (Global)
  • Proxy protocol: HTTP(S)
Oxylabs is one of the best proxy providers in web scraping. Oxylabs proxies are also the best in brand protection, advertising verification, travel cost aggregation, marketing research, search engine optimization monitoring, price intelligence and email protection.

Their ips exceed 30 million. They have more than 1 million IPs in the United States, Brazil, India, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Spain and France. In addition, they have IPs in almost all countries in the world. Oxylabs prices are not cheap. The minimum package is $600.
Oxygen laboratory residential agent pool
They offer a 7-day free trial, even if they don’t have a refund policy, they can help you get your money back. You can enjoy the free trial service without paying. The main problem with Oxylabs is that support can only be contacted with their customer service via email.

Advantages of oxygen laboratory:

  • Large number of IP addresses
  • Web scraping
  • 7-day free trial

Disadvantages of oxygen laboratory:

  • A bit more expensive
  • Slow support

This article is about a comprehensive evaluation of residential proxy providers in terms of cost, customer support and other functions. If you do not know how to select a residential IP address, I believe this article can give you some answers.


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