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100GB – $700
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Access Limit:  No

Support API:  Yes

Authorization Method IP, Username/Password

Bandwidth: Optional

Dashboard:  Yes

High Anonymous:  Yes

Support Payment: Alipay,Credit Card,Paypal

Proxy Speed: Optional

Free Trail:  Yes is a high-ranking proxy server provider that provides intelligent and advanced proxies at a very affordable price. It has a secure proxy program that allows you to guarantee a refund using the trial network.

netnut review

The fastest residential proxy network with companies and enterprises directly connected to global ISPs, which means faster speed, higher anonymity and higher success rate.

For most users, a better solution is to use advanced static residential IP and rotating residential IP directly from ISP

Fast and cost-effective proxy provider

  • 20M+ Residential IPs worldwide
  • Good geographic location support
  • NetNut provides one-hop ISP connectivity with no dependency on an end user. Direct ISP connectivity brings faster proxy speeds.
  • Reasonable pricing, including request based pricing model
  • 24/7 IP Availability and 99.9% uptime
  • 7-day Free Trial

They have proxies in all countries, which makes them one of the well-known proxy providers. One of the great advantages of is that all proxies in its network are completely anonymous. In my experience, is one of the simplest rotating residential proxy networks I have used so far.

You can use any plan to access the whole ip pool, and the price is priced according to traffic usage Residential Ips

DiViNetworks Tech

It uses a significantly different and more efficient network – DiviNetworks to make it more stable, secure and efficient.

NetNut Server:DiviNetworks Netnut relies on the unique approach of DiviNetworks ‘ existing data transmission and network management solutions.

DiViNetworks provides services to more than 100 ISPs from dozens of access points (POP) around the world。With divinetworks technology, the company manages hundreds of servers and distributes them among different ISPs around the world.

DiviNetworks also has the ability to manage 100 Gbit / sec network traffic, allowing any customer to access data from any web source.

Divinetworks is a global leader in data transmission networks. With the right architecture, your failure rate can be less than 1%.


When you browse the network, the netnut proxy service hides your IP address behind its server, making it easy for you to access restricted web content on that particular network.

Another benefit provided by the netnut proxy service is a faster Internet browsing experience. Because the proxy server has obtained the website you want to visit through its server, when you want to visit a website with large bandwidth, the speed will not slow down due to the bandwidth

Terminal online / active ips in the ip pool

Netnut has an IP pool with more than 10 million residential IP directly from the partner ISP network, and an additional P2P proxy network to support to increase the driving force. Because they do not rely on P2P networks like other proxy providers, their IP is always online and active. This gives them a guarantee to provide real static residential ips.

Send notification when usage limit is reached

In netnut, once you reach 90% of the traffic package, you will receive a renewal notice by email. If you do not renew the traffic package, you will be automatically suspended when you consume all traffic.

The connection will not be disconnected during the session

The biggest advantage that makes netnut stand out from other residential proxy providers is that you won’t encounter disconnection during the session, which is likely to happen when using proxy from other providers. This is because other servers rely on the third-party exit node connection of P2P network, but netnut does not rely on it, only routes requests through its network.

Fastest growing brand

Netnut is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by network security expert SAFE-T. In this way, it has become one of the fastest growing brands among all proxy providers in the market.

Pricing and Pros

The important thing about netnut is that they can provide a very competitive price structure in the whole market

Competitive price

Netnut has pricing systems based on bandwidth and number of successful requests. For bandwidth based pricing, bandwidth is calculated by summing the volume data transmitted with the target site (request header + response body + response header + response header + response body). Netnut has 6 pricing plans. 20GB traffic plan is the minimum plans, and it costs $300. The more traffic you buy, the cheaper the price per GB.

NetNut Pricing Plan


Pros provides a dashboard UI to management proxy. Netnut is very easy to understand and use. You can monitor traffic usage and manage IP locations on the dashboard

How to start

Netnut is very easy to start. You only need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: start a 7-day free trial, including 100 GB of free usage.

netnut free trial

Step 2: get the optimized proxy pool optimized according to your goal.

Step 3: please wait a moment and your account manager will contact you. They will ask for your needs and help you open an account.

Customer Support

Although there is no real-time chat function on the netnut website, it still provides excellent support for its prospects.

I personally experienced their support, and their rapid support made me 100% satisfied. You can easily connect via + live Skype chat support.

When you want to buy proxy services, it is very important to know whether the customers and companies who buy the product are really satisfied with the product.

Therefore, we collected comments and satisfaction from different companies or customers.

Finally, we know that netnut is the best residential IP network in the world.

Residential agents are expensive, but netnut is more economical

Netnut is not the only available residential agent provider, but for start-up enterprises, due to accurate positioning, high availability and low starting price, Netnut is a good choice.

Netnut is one of the trusted advanced proxy servers on the market today. They provide software packages that can meet almost any of your needs, and support sports shoes robots, social media, marketing software, crawler services, etc

In general, netnut is one of the best choices

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