20GB – $300


Access Limit:  No

Support API:  Yes

Authorization Method IP, Username/Password

Bandwidth: Optional

Dashboard:  Yes

High Anonymous:  Yes

Support Payment: BTC,Alipay,Credit Card,Paypal

Proxy Speed: Optional

Free Trail:  Yes

Oxylabs is a company that provides the ultimate solution for web extraction and data collection, with more than 1.5 million data center proxies and 20 million residential IPs in more than 180 countries around the world

Nowadays, URL blocking and other forms of online data access restrictions have become commonplace. Perhaps network owners have developed such measures to limit hacker attacks and other unauthorized online access. It can be said that some websites restrict access to specific geo locations where most target customers are located.

People can still try to access (and access whatever they want in some way). So how did they do it? Well, they use proxy servers… And oxylabs is certainly one of these platforms.

What is oxylabs?

Oxylabs is one of the technology companies specializing in large-scale web data extraction and web page crawling. It has more than 1.5 million special proxies and 30 million residential proxies in more than 180 countries / regions. There is no doubt that the company is determined to provide customers with advanced proxies.

Oxylabs has more than ten years of experience in successfully collecting and extracting web data. They provide enterprises with tools and proxies to hide your identity and maintain your privacy when you access the network. In short, oxylabs specializes in datacenter IPs and residential IPs that support HTTP / HTTPS and socks 4 / 5 protocols.

Datacenter IP

The datacenter IP is the IP address from the secondary company and does not belong to the ISP. Their datacenter proxies are the same as other dedicated private proxy providers.

Oxylabs datacenter IP network covers more than 100 countries on six continents. This means that oxylabs has proxies suitable for crawling in all websites and search engines. In addition, they strive to expand IP every day, and can customize IP in specific countries / regions as needed.

oxylabs Price Plan

price plan of data center proxies

Oxylabs datacenter proxies offer different price plans, depending on the target business needs. And pay attention! Their minimum plan is 100 proxies!

All datacenter proxies have a “7-day free trial”, which you can use without credit card payment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of datacenter proxies

Why use data center proxies of oxylabs.io

Why Oxylabs Datacenter Proxy

They will send you the login account of their datacenter proxy, which is a dedicated proxy, and you will get a list of proxies,

It also supports username+password and IP listed in the white list to access its private proxy. The platform uses basic HTTP authorization, mainly username + password. Oxylabs also supports authentication by IP address, so you need to provide a list of IP addresses to use to connect to the selected proxy. IP whitelists them so that you can access the proxy without entering login credentials.

Port usage
60000 username
65432 IP whitelists

If you use a proxy rotating machine (VM), IP based authorization will still use port 60000.

Note that they do not allow access to Amazon or Google through datacenter proxies.

Residential Proxy

A residential proxy is an IP address assigned to a homeowner from a standard Internet service provider (ISP). Unlike datacenter proxies, residential proxies are legal and therefore not easily prohibited or blocked by geographically specific websites.

Oxylabs allows you to choose from 30m + residential proxies through well-known Internet service providers. Because of its wide geographical coverage, you can be sure to find residential proxies in almost any country or city. The residential IP of oxylabs is legal, so it will not be blocked or prohibited by the site in the geographical location you choose.

How do residential proxies work?

The residential proxy is basically the IP address provided by the Internet service provider to the homeowner. Those users who use oxylabs and other online services are P2P proxy networks, which should be the same as luminati P2P networks!

How does proxy rotator work

Therefore, through the design and configuration of residential proxies, it gives people the impression that ordinary people surf the Internet. Therefore, they are unlikely to be blacklisted or banned by specific websites.

Advantages and Disadvantages of oxylabs residential proxy

worldwide locations

Price plan of residential Proxies

price plan of residentialc proxies

The entry price plan offers 20GB of bandwidth for $15 per GB, equivalent to $300 per month. They are cheaper than luminati, more expensive than smartproxy, and have a 7-day free trial period.

Rotating Residential Proxy Guide

How to set up and use oxylabs residential proxy? Every time you successfully purchase a residential proxy plan, Oxylabs will provide you with a unique password, username and main entry point (Gateway).

Authentication method

Username and password and IP authentication are supported, and up to 3 IPS can be added in the IP manager.

Stickiness means that the proxy’s IP lasts for up to 5 minutes! When you use sticky proxy entry points,

gb-pr.oxylabs.io:20001 – 29999

The IP of the gateway rotates every 5 minutes! And rotate only in  UK IPs pool.

Random means that the IP of the proxy will change randomly in each request or session. When you use the random proxy entry point, for example,


The gateway’s IP will rotate each request and only in  US IPs pool.

Single reverse connection entry

Oxylabs proxy supports session control and allows you to add random IDs to username. This allows you to create a session and log in repeatedly with the same IP address. This feature also limits the time interval for each session specific IP.

With a single backconnect entry, you can add special parameters to the supplied username and filter the required proxies. This can be done by country or city. You can also filter IP with autonomous system number (ASN). Your proxy package also gives you access to other entry points that have been customized and filtered by country.


With a single reverse connection proxy, you can select a specific country or city proxy through other parameters in the username. This method also supports session control. The following is an example credential structure:


Parameter Description
customer username
cc Case sensitive country codes. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
city English case insensitive city names. For greater accuracy, please also add country information, such as cc-gb-city-london. For cities with more than 2 words, use_ Replace spaces, such as city-st_petersburg or city-rio_de_janeiro
sessid Sessionid to keep the same IP as the upcoming query. The session expires in 5 minutes, after which the new IP is assigned to the ID. Random string; 0-9, alphabetic characters are supported.

The Best Web crawler proxy provider

  • Datacenter proxy for large-scale data extraction
  • There are 30 + million residential IPs in the P2P network pool
  • Provide internal rotating and session control
  • IPv6 support: ideal for search engine data collection
  • 7-day free trial without pay


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