The Fastest Proxy Provider

Are you looking for the fastest proxy to help your Internet marketing business? This article will discuss the fastest proxy services in the market, including datacenter proxies, residential proxies and mobile proxies.

The Fastest Proxy

Overview of the fastest proxy providers:

Compare connecting to the Internet using a proxy with connecting to the Internet without a proxy,You will find that using a proxy will reduce the speed. This reduction may or may not be significant, depending on the quality of service you use.

Some proxies are fast enough that you won’t notice the drop in speed, but some proxies are too slow and your browser won’t be able to access web content and prompt a timeout error. As a network marketer, slow proxy service is a disaster.

For this reason, people are always looking for faster proxies. Although almost all proxy providers in the market claim that they have the fastest proxy, this is not the case. This article recommends the fastest proxy service in the market. Choosing these proxies can save a lot of time and money.

What Proxy is the Fastest Proxy?

The most important thing is to know that the type of proxy and the technical details involved determine the speed of the proxy.

  • IP Source

The source of the IP address used by the proxy service largely determines the speed of the proxy. Based on the source of IP address, we have three types of proxies:

  • The datacenter proxy obtains the IP address from the datacenter
  • The residential proxy obtains the IP from the Internet service provider (ISP)
  • The mobile proxy obtains the IP from the mobile network operator (MNO).

The fastest is the datacenter proxy. Residential and mobile proxies are not as fast as datacenter proxy because the proxy service must route web requests sent through it to third-party devices, increasing latency and Ping – and the speed may also be affected by the Internet speed of third-party devices. Moreover, residential proxies are faster than mobile proxies.

  • IP Rotation

The proxy server based on IP rotation includes dedicated proxy and rotating proxy. The dedicated proxy has a static IP address. Rotating proxies access the IP pool through the gateway. In terms of speed, the static IP address used by the dedicated proxy is the faster (similar to the speed of the datacenter).

  • Number of Users

Private proxies can only be used by one person and are usually the fastest. Shared proxy is shared among users. Public proxy is also called open proxy that anyone can use it. Usually, the more users, the more bandwidth they occupy, and the slower the speed.

High Speed Dedicated Datacenter Proxy

In terms of speed, dedicated private proxies have proven to be the best: they don’t reroute your requests and don’t share IP addresses with anyone.


  • Average Speed and Ping: 69.15Mbps / 36ms
  • Locations:US and EU
  • Concurrency:maximum number of threads 100
  • Bandwidth :Unlimited
  • Cost:$2.49 per proxy per month


Myprivateproxy is arguably the best datacenter proxy provider on the market. Its dedicated private proxy has proven to be the fastest on the market. We tested their proxies with a response speed range of 36-120 Mbps and a ping range of 9 – 138 Ms

Not only are they the fastest, but they also have good infrastructure, security, location support and customer service. And its price is quite cheap.

Fast Rotating Datacenter Proxy

The rotating datacenter proxy does not maintain the same IP address – IP is automatically converted after each request or within a given time period. Rotating datacenter proxy is conducive to cheap web page crawling.

  • Average Speed and Ping: 27Mbps / 59ms
  • Locations:All over the world
  • Concurrency:Unlimited
  • Bandwidth :$0.95 Per GB
  • Cost:$0.5 per proxy with $0.95 Per GB


There is one thing about Luminati(BrightData) rotating datacenter proxy service that you will like its location support and geolocation options. With Luminati(BrightData), you can access IP from all over the world, and you can choose geographic targets at the national and city levels. Their proxies are high-quality proxies that are fast, secure, and compatible with many use cases. The main disadvantage of their proxy is its high price.

Fast Residential Proxy

Residential proxies obtain IP addresses from Internet service providers (ISP), mainly through peer-to-peer networks (P2P). Residential IP addresses are less easily detected than datacenter IPs.


  • Average Speed and Ping: 16Mbps /98ms
  • IP Pool Size: Over 75 million
  • Locations:All over the world
  • Concurrency:Unlimited
  • Bandwidth :$29 Per GB
  • Cost:$300 monthly for 20GB

Luminati rotating proxy

If you are looking for the best residential proxy service in terms of speed, you must stick to BrightData(Luminati). We tested a large number of residential proxies in the market and proved that they are the fastest. With BrightData(Luminati), you can enjoy an average response speed of 14.69 Mbps. BrightData(Luminati) has the largest residential proxy network with more than 75 million IP addresses.

It also has the best position support because it supports all countries and regions in the world. In addition to national goals, BrightData(Luminati) also supports the use of proxies from specific states and cities. BrightData(Luminati) proxy has proven to be one of the fastest proxies in the residential proxy market. They have both high rotating proxies and session proxies that give you 100% control over your session.


  • Average Speed and Ping: 12Mbps /189ms
  • IP Pool Size: Over 40 million
  • Locations:Over 195 locations the world
  • Concurrency:Unlimited
  • Bandwidth :$15 Per GB
  • Cost:$75 monthly for 5GB

Smartproxy residential proxy

BrightData(Luminati) is expensive,The lowest plan is $300 a month, which scares away many users. Smartproxy is an option if you are looking for a replacement that matches BrightData(Luminati). In terms of speed, it is closest to BrightData(Luminati).

Smartproxy has more than 40 million residential IP addresses, and for $75, you can access the entire IP pool. Smartproxy supports 195 countries and 8 major cities around the world. Smartproxy has proven to be one of the best providers, fast, secure, reliable, and providing better performance.


  • Average Speed and Ping: 11Mbps /239ms
  • IP Pool Size: Over 10 million
  • Locations:Over 200 locations the world
  • Concurrency:Unlimited
  • Bandwidth :$15 Per GB
  • Cost:$300 monthly for 20GB

Netnut residential proxy

Netnut residential proxy network is a unique provider, which has brought new changes to the residential proxy market. Different from other providers that obtain the IP address through P2P network, netnut connects directly with the ISP and obtains the IP address directly from the ISP.

This enables them to provide a single-hop connection — technically, it makes it the fastest proxy. Netnut has more than 10 million residential IP addresses from many countries in the world. They also have a P2P network to improve scalability.

Fast Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies use mobile IP addresses, most of which come from P2P networks. In terms of price, they are the most expensive proxies on the market. However, when it comes to anonymity, they are at the forefront. Therefore, they are suitable for services that have strict checks, such as instagram.


  • Average Speed and Ping: 2.23Mbps /239ms
  • IP Pool Size: Over 350 million
  • Locations:Over 250 locations the world
  • Bandwidth :$50 Per GB

luminati mobile proxy

BrightData(Luminati) mobile proxy is a highly reliable mobile proxy in the market. They are also the fastest in the mobile proxy Market: the response speed range is 1.98-7.87 Mbps. Their proxy services support automatic rotating IP address and country, city and operator goals. The network has ultra fast response time and 99.99% normal operation time.

FAQ About The Fastest Proxy
  • How can I test proxy speed?

You can write your own script to test the speed of the proxy, but doing so requires some programming experience, otherwise you may not get the real speed. The purpose can be easily achieved by using a special Internet speed test application.

You can get your access speed without using an proxy, and then use an proxy to measure your access speed, so you have a benchmark for comparison. We recommend the speed test tool

  • Can proxy servers make your network faster?

In some cases, proxies can increase your Internet speed. For example, in the area of caching. If some resources are available in the cache, the proxy server does not have to request it again, which reduces the response time.

  • Why is my proxy so slow?

There are many reasons why proxy servers are slow. Too many people use the proxy server, the slow network speed of the proxy server, and the wrong usage of the proxy may be the factors affecting the proxy speed.

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