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In web crawling, if proxy is used, the effect in extracting data is not good. You need a reverse connection proxy with thousands of datacenter and residential IP to complete the crawl.

For hobbies or beginners, the biggest problem is that proxies usually cost money. Fortunately, the free proxies provided in the market can meet their proxy needs.

Pros and Cons of free proxy

First and foremost, they are free. This is a significant advantage of free proxies. However, because these IPs are provided free of charge, everyone will try them. Then many websites may have banned and blocked these IP addresses:Because someone may have tried to use these IPS to visit the website you are interested in, or the website administrator found a free proxy provider, copied all IPs and added them to the blacklist. This often happens.

Free IP is usually slow and lacks anonymity. Maintaining an proxy costs money, so you can’t expect to get high-quality IP for free.

Free proxies may expose you to hackers. As I just said, it’s a little unusual for someone to provide an address for free. An evil reason why some people do this is to monitor and copy the private information of proxy customers. Later, they may use this information for malicious purposes.

Therefore, when we choose an proxy, we should not only pursue free, but security is the most important. The following is the list of safe and free proxies.

Free Proxies Providers

BrightData Free Proxy
brightdata free proxy
Arguably the best private proxy provider on the market, Luminati has the largest network of IP addresses that allow you to bypass IP blocks and captchas when scraping data from the Internet. In addition to web scraping, BrightData’s proxies can also be used for ad verification, price discovery and monitoring, as well as SEO monitoring, social media automation, and sneaker site geolocation bypassing.

According to their website, Luminati has more than 72 million IP addresses of real devices spread across more than 200 countries and more than 20,000 cities in the world. Interestingly, Luminati has the fastest proxy service, as our test revealed.

Bright Data (Luminati) is popular with many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies – thanks to the legitimacy of their IP addresses. Unlike other proxy providers, Luminati has obtained consent from the owners of the IP addresses they use. One of the ways to get this consent is through their free VPN service, Hola VPN. Users of this VPN service must agree to share their internet connection and IP addresses before they can use the free VPN service.

Oxylabs Free Proxy

Oxylabs provides dedicated datacenter proxies, rotating and fixed residential proxies, as well as a professional instrument for details retrieval. Each and every device accommodates various demands.

Oxylabs’ datacenter proxy group includes fast and secure IP deals with from cloud hosting providers devoted to your exclusive use. With 2 million IPs, it’s typically the biggest pool area in the marketplace. This gives a huge aggressive advantage facing businesses, as they can quickly level while not having to manage between a number of vendors.

The datacenter proxies protect 82 places, have zero focus on, relationship, or targeted traffic boundaries. To put it differently, they are perfect for higher-bandwidth scraping of a lot less protected targets. One more benefit is the fact Oxylabs permits choosing however several subnets you need: for 1,000 IPs you can get from 4 to as much as 1,000 subnets. There’s no rotation, but you may get an non-obligatory put-on known as Proxy Rotator to relieve the situation.

NetNut Free Proxy

NetNut was previously the posterboy of static residential proxies, providing them in big amounts to medium sized and big organizations. Fairly recently, it unveiled rotating residential proxies and widened the prices plans to feature a bigger viewers. Greater clients can choose require-dependent strategies – but they begin from thousands of dollars. Efficiency-wise, NetNut managed well, but it’s still behind the market frontrunners, Brightdata and Oxylabs.

YourPrivateProxy Free Proxy

YourPrivateProxy is one of the popular individual proxy providers available in the market. Learn more about all that you should learn about them, which include their major advantages and disadvantages. Make a knowledgeable buying decision these days.

YourPrivateProxy is really a proxy supplier which offers both residential and datacenter proxy professional services. It is renowned for delivering not simply HTTP(s) proxies but SOCKS5 proxies also. Their proxies are fast, reputable, and protected. Even though their spot insurance coverage is just not huge, they may have proxies in over 20 places, which is often considered as respectable. Our concentration in this article is on their own datacenter proxies.

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