What is Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies are intermediaries that use IP addresses provided by Internet service providers (ISPs) rather than datacenter IPs.Each residential proxy address has a physical location.Even if billions of digital devices are connected to the Internet at any time, their IP address can accurately locate the location of any device.Therefore, every time you surf the Internet, you will provide information about browser preferences and cookies, and record it with your real IP address.

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What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy is an IP address provided by an Internet service provider (ISP).

The problem is that although the Internet is a global community, many service providers geo-lock content, so you can only access it from some certain countries.In addition, if you try to grab data or use social media robots or search engine optimization (SEO) scripts, your IP address may be blocked
and you will not be able to access the required web pages.

Fortunately, residential proxy network is one of the effective methods to solve these problems.

What is residential IP?

A residential IP address is an IP address bound to a physical device, such as your mobile phone or your personal computer.

Their real owner, the Internet service provider, registers the residential IP address in the public database,
which allows the website to determine the Internet provider, network and location of the equipment.Most online services identify the residential IP address as the real person, rather than the person using the datacenter IP address.

How do I get residential IP address?

You can get residential IP from a variety of proxy providers.Some providers provide IP address list, while others provide endpoints.

How does residential proxy work?

This is how residential proxy happens:

  1. Proxies route your Internet traffic through intermediate servers.
  2. This server changes the IP address of your connection request.
  3. Your IP is completely hidden. You look like a different but completely normal user.

Residential proxies are excellent because they are real devices that can be used as your connection intermediaries.

Why use the residential proxy network?

You may want to hide your IP address for various reasons.Alternatively, you may need to grab data from multiple websites,run multiple accounts on the same machine, upload or download seed files through P2P connections,
or stream geographically restricted content.

In any case, the residential proxy network is very suitable for hiding your real online identity. It assigns you a real residential IP and hides your IP from the server to achieve more online anonymity.

What’s the use of a residential proxy?

Residential proxies can be used for market research, business automation, social networking and retail. Here are some information about what residential proxies can really do:

  • Market Researching: web crawling, ad validation, affiliate testing, search engine optimization, and travel expenses.
  • Business automation: you can use  residential IP for data extraction, various automated processes, business intelligence collection and other use cases.
  • Social networks:Instagram, pinterest, twitter, Facebook and other social networks are quite cautious, but with the help of residential proxies, you can still create and manage multiple accounts, increase your attention and change your location without any restrictions.

What is rotating residential proxy?

Unlike ordinary residential proxies hide your real IP behind another IP,rotating residential proxy (reverse connection agents) hides you behind the proxy pool.These agents switch between them every session or periodically.When you select a rotating proxy, your IP will change constantly.In this way, you can make any number of requests as needed without being marked as suspicious activity.

How to set up a residential proxy?

If you want to use a residential proxy for personal reasons, please click on the best proxy of 2021. You can find a detailed guide to help you integrate a residential proxy into your mobile phone, desktop devices, websites and extensions.

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